Evaluation and the Coalition Survey

Evaluation Research and Development (ERAD) from the University of Arizona was awarded a contract by Arizona Complete Health to evaluate efforts to curb substance abuse among youth and older adults. Eleven coalitions from four counties are involved in an extensive coordinated effort.

To determine outcomes a comprehensive evaluation using the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) is being conducted that includes the following components:

  • Community Surveys in English and Spanish

  • Paper and Online Surveys

  • Retrospective-Post community surveys administered at events

  • Detailed implementation plans for coalition work

  • Adolescent instruments administered pre and post-test

  • Coalition Assessments

  • Evidence Based Practices

  • Data Dashboards

  • To assist Providers an internal evaluation system has been developed with includes:

    • Real-time data reports

    • Outcome reports

    • Quarterly outcome summaries

    • Assistance with Logic Models

The evaluation is founded on principles of inclusion, rigor, and creativity.

In order to help us accomplish our Prevention Mission, would you please take our short coalition survey?  The data obtained from this anonymous survey helps us to continually monitor and update our prevention efforts. To take the survey, please Click here